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Another instance in which Hitchcock used a scream to create terror is when the woman discovered that someone had killed her lovable dog. Immediately, one's thoughts lead to someone discovering the murdered body of Mrs. Thorwald or even another character's ill-fate. We also find sound used in this manner when Mr. Thorwald finds out that Jeff is the one that has been spying on him. Mr. Thorwald can only be heard exiting the elevator and making his way towards Jeff's apartment. Lars Thorwald has only been seen from a safe distance through Jeff's window. Now the murderer can only be heard approaching with each footstep, louder than the next. Hearing only footsteps as they draw closer creates the feeling of suspense and fear, where one feels like they are in Jeff's apartment with him. Hitchcock not only creates suspense or terror with sounds, he also creates balance and ambiance using carefully selected sounds.

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Sounds Of Alfred - Superfunk CitySounds Of Alfred - Superfunk CitySounds Of Alfred - Superfunk CitySounds Of Alfred - Superfunk City